PlayStation Services

If you have a problem then getting your PS3 or PS4 repaired is easy. Call us on 01202 246414 and arrange for a Convenient time for us to collect or if you prefer drop it in to us. We will then Advise you of the expected service time and exactly how much the repair is likely to cost.


    Estimated costs for service:

  • Red/Yellow Light Error attempted Data Recovery  £40
    We will strip your console down and clean.
    Attempt to recover system in order to recover your Game profile save game data, Pictures & Music.
    Recover any disk stuck in the console.
    Test to see if the console boots to main screen.
    Test to see if the disk drive is working and advise.

  • Disk Read Error Replace Drive/Laser £60 - £80
    Diagnose Bluray drive to confirm cause of the read error.
    Replace Laser, Recalibrate drive or replace drive depending on result of test.
    Test to ensure drive loads Game, DVD & Bluray Film.

  • Firmware Upgrade/Repairs £20 - £40
    Diagnose Firmware fault and upgrade as necessary.
    Test to ensure that console boots to main menu.

  • Replacement Internal Fan £40
    Diagnose system cooling.
    Replace internal fan if required.

  • Replacement PS3 Case £20
    Strip and clean console.
    Fit in replacement case.
    Test & ensure working satisfactory.

  • Replacement Wifi/Bluetooth Board £20
    Diagnose bluetooth/Wifi connection.
    Replace internal board if required.
    Re Test to ensure connectivity.



Hard Drive Upgrades

If you are finding that the standard 40,60,80 Or 120 GB Sony hard drives just are not big enough for all the downloads, Demo's and music that you want on your PS3 then this may be the answer. We can Upgrade your standard hard drive to a massive 500GB hard drive For Only £80 Including Parts & Fitting. This upgrade should not breach your Sony Warranty.

 Telephone: 01202 246414