Macintosh & PC Services

  • Malware Removal - Remove & pro-actively block computer viruses, spyware, and adware.
  • Computer Tune up - Dust removal, software updates, and hard drive defragmentation.
  • Upgrades - Install more memory or a larger hard drive.
  • Blue Screens - Random crashes, windows doesn't start.
  • Slow Computer - Locate and fix bottlenecks slowing your computer.
  • Hardware Troubleshooting - Computer doesn't turn on, shuts off, or reboots.
  • Software Troubleshooting - Analyze symptoms to fix application and driver crashes.
  • Wireless Networking (WiFi) - Installation, extend wireless range, and setting up encryption.
  • Networking - Share your printer and files with other computers.
  • Operating System Install - Installing Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7,8 or 8.1
  • Install Gadgets - Troubleshoot devices such as your camera, blackberry or scanner.
  • On-site/Off-Site service - We make on site calls to your home or you can bring the computer to us.



Virus/Malware Removal

The number of computer viruses are increasing every year. If your computer is running slowly, displaying pop up ads or just acting strangely, you probably have some form of malware. Simply installing an anti virus program after the fact will not fix the problem because malware will prevent anti virus programs from removing it. We use specially developed utilities to remove the infestation and get your computer running smoothly.

We can often remove malware without needing to perform a fresh installation of windows. This saves you from reinstalling all your applications. Once the malware is removed and your computer is repaired we install anti-malware software to protect your computer from future infection. Malware a Multi-Billion Pound Industry Malware originated from programmers that wanted to make a name for themselves in the community by exploiting operating system security holes.

Around 2002 malware started coming from criminal organizations and has become a multi-billion pound industry funded by stealing your personal information, trade secrets, and banking information.



How Was I Infected?

Malware can come from many sources including malicious banner ads, spam, infected websites, or "free" applications. Lately we've noticed a rise in fraudulent Anti Virus programs such as XP Anti virus 2008/2009, MS Anti virus, and Anti-Spyware 2008.

These fake anti virus programs are frequently downloaded from ad banners claiming to remove non-existent malware from your computer. Once downloaded it will often hijack the computer and force the user to enter their credit card information.

Malware Removal Most malware programs are designed to be hard to remove. Malware often embeds itself in windows, hiding its files or modifying system files with its own code. This makes it very hard for the average user to remove; special utilities are often required which can unmask the virus allowing for its deletion. Many companies prefer to wipe your computer then remove the infestation, we see it differently. Through years of experience we can remove the infestation without destroying your data.

  • Your data is important; wiping your computer is always a last resort.
  • Malware Symptoms Crashes - Applications frequently crash or windows won't boot
  • Slow - The computer unexpectedly slows to a crawl.
  • Pop Ups - Pop up advertisements or messages from untrusted programs asking for personal information.
  • Types Of Malware Adware - Downloads or displays pop up ads.
  • Spyware - Monitors keystrokes and websites to steal your personal information.
  • Fraudware - A fake application (ie: Virus Scanner or codec) that is malicious.
  • Rootkit - A hard to detect program which gives the attacker access to your computer.
  • Trojan - Installs additional malware in the background.
  • Computer Virus - A program that replicates to infect other computers.



Our Laptop Repair Services

  • Laptop keyboard replacement - stuck keys, missing keys, or dead keys.
  • Hinge repair - broken or loose hinge.
  • Inverter board replacement - no picture on screen.
  • LCD CCFL replacement - no picture or red pink tint on screen.
  • Laptop motherboard repair - laptop doesn't turn on.
  • Laptop CD-RW/DVD replacement - can't read cd's or play dvd's.
  • Laptop DC Jack Repair - laptop doesn't power on.


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